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Alisha Brown was referred to us by another Berkshire agent.

Can't say enough about how wonderful Alisha was. She was professional, very knowledgeable and went over and beyond with service. She was right there when a problem arose and handled it. Your company is very fortunate to have Alisha on your team!


I wrote this on Sunday and submitted it but not sure if it went through, as it was frozen.

Anyway, if you get this a second time, sorry. We loved working with Alisha. She was always sporting a good attitude and very attentive to our needs and very good at communicating. When I shared with her a property we wanted to see, she got right on it knowing it would not last long, and that is the property we bought, thanks to her willingness to rearrange her schedule within 12 hour's time and show us the property so we could put in an offer, as at least one other offer was also in the making as well. We really appreciated that! We will definitely recommend Alisha!

Nancy Saunders Pierne

Alisha Brown went above and beyond for us.

I could not be more pleased with her performance. I wish i had more houses to sell! ...Ad plan and marketing our home, 10 ...Pricing our listing, 10 ...Negotiation strategies and terms, 10+++ ...Communication & professionalism 10


Alisha Brown assisted us in the past;sold a condo for a friend then sold current condo for us.

Very Professional, hard worker! Best Agent Ever!! Alisha is the best Agent we ever dealt with. can't say enough...


This has been my 8th closing on purchased homes and Alisha Brown has exceeded all expectations and she is the best agent we've ever had.

Thanks Alisha! We've even given cards with Alisha's information to all our neighbors.


We love Alisha Brown!

Very helpful, knowledgeable, prompt and professional!


Alisha Brown exceeded expectations on all levels: counseling and assessment of needs, availability, knowledge of the area, community and market conditions, communication and professionalism.


Alisha was great from the beginning.

We were referred to her by a friend. She was very knowledgeable in the aspects of the realm & laws as they pertained to purchasing a house in North & South Carolina. She made us feel welcome & comfortable right away. Buying a home in the middle of COVID was not easy & she made it seem easy. She stuck by us & we all preserved and the outcome was a home that we love. We could not have done it without her support. She negotiated a good deal on our home for us. My cousin will be looking for a home in the surrounding area & is already looking forward to working with Alisha on our recommendation. Thank you, Vicki Schreiber

Vicki Schreiber

We met Alisha Brown at her office at BirchNCoppice.

High praises for Alisha! We feel she went above and beyond , she always had the answers to our questions and never left us waiting in the time of need.


Alisha Brown's prompt response to our initial inquiry and her knowledge of the market is the reason we chose to work with her.

Cannot say enough positives about her professionalism and her knowledge, we highly recommend her for the job!


We loved working with Alisha.

She was always a good communicator in a timely manner. And she rescheduled her day to show us a property knowing time was of the essence for her to show it since many buyers were interested and another offer was coming, which is the property we too put an offer on and bought. She showed us many properties always with a smile and good attitude and willingness to work with us any way she possibly could. We will highly recommend Alisha to any future buyers.

Nancy Saunders Pierne

Alisha was incredible!

This was our first home and she walked us through the entire process. She was able to communicate to our lender with any mortgage issues and she was on top of the builder the entire step of the way to ensure a timely process. When the builder needed to push back the closing date, she negotiated some money off of our closing costs for us! I would highly recommend Alisha and will definitely use her again!

David Jensen

Alisha Brown was working the condo we were purchasing so it seemed simpler to use her for selling our house too.

Alisha went above and beyond to help us with our sale and purchase. We were closing long distance and she kept us informed every step of the way.

L & J.R

Ten star service.

She is excellent

Paul Schreiber

We contacted Alisha Brown 2-3 year ago to show us lots.

She understood we had patience to find a perfect lot. She was able to maintain communication with us during the long journey of finding the perfect house. She always provided phenomenal service when selling our condo as well. Ms. Brown went above and beyond in providing exceptional services.


Alisha Brown showed us a variety of options to meet out needs and was vital in getting a fair deal one we finally found 'the one'.

She fought for our best interest every step of the way.


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